Peach hemp oil
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Leafy Living’s exclusive CBG+CBD tincture incorporates the pure botanical extract concentrates of CBD, and now CBG - manufactured in accordance with the PBX-STANDARD. The extract is then blended with an all-natural essence of peach flavoring and true MCT oil, which combined delivers pure flavor and potency. The combination of CBG + CBD underscores Leafy Living’s ability to leverage cannabinoid combinations for the provision of prescriptive dosing in a tincture format. Black Kush an Indica strain, high in terpene Bisabolol - German Chamomile, is utilized to formulate this tincture. It is a perfect addition to your nightly relaxation routine.


  • 1,000mg Full Spectrum CBD Pure Botanical Hemp Extract
  • 100mg Full Spectrum CBG Pure Botanical Hemp Extract & Natural Essence of Peach
  • 30 Doses per Bottle
  • 30ml per Bottle
  • 1.0mg Calibrated Dropper = 33mg dose
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Dispense one full dropper (1mL= 33mg CBD) under your tongue and hold for 60 to 90 seconds. It can also be added to your favorite food and/or beverage. For optimal results, take one to two times daily and consistently.

  1. Hemp Derived Full Spectrum Rich CBD Extract
  2. Pure Botanical Essence of Peach
  3. Organic Coconut Oil

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